What is bitclout? How can i get an account ?

Not a Financial Advice

Straight to the point…. (Stick to the bottom to know how to get in the platform)


The most awaited and hyped blockchain project. It is a type of social network that lets you speculate on people and posts. Yes that’s right, you can put real money on people based on their influence circle on twitter and what they are posting about.

The best (or conversely) thing is that it is built from the ground up. With a similar architecture as Bitcoin, it has already been started to be compared with a potential of that as Bitcoin itself.

The native currency of BitClout blockchain is BitClout. This crypto has a few applications once on the platform. One of the main applications is to buy Creator Coins. These are the coins that allow you to speculate on people and/ or their posts.

How can i buy bitclout ?

You need to be logged in to the platform and have created your account. Once done that simply select Buy BitClout See screenshot:

Step 2 would be to send Bitcoin to the BTC address and then buy BitClout.

What are creator coins ?

Everyone on the platform have their own coin. Yes you will have your own coin which others can buy. The more BitClout’s value increases and the more people buy your coin, your coin’s value will increase.

According to BitClout’s whitepaper, “The price of BitClout doubles for every million BitClout sold”

You can also buy someone else’s coin. Simply navigate to their profile and hit Buy.

If you are interested in reading the whitepaper, there you go: https://bitcloutwhitepaper.com/

How can i make an account

Well BitClout developers have said that the password to enter the site will be launched on 23rd March 2021. However if you want to signup, Simply follow the link below and hit Sign Up.


While you are there, why not show some support and buy some of my creator coins 😉

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